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DSCN3181.png (491694 bytes)    Wayne Thomas and a cracking Irish Mullet of 6lb 14oz

Tope564.jpg (24191 bytes)    Guy Spriggs Tope of 56lb 4oz

DFerrettSpurdog15-10.png (316969 bytes)    Derek Ferrett Spurdog 15lb 10oz

GuySting1.jpg (53733 bytes)    Guysting2.jpg (53863 bytes)    Guy Spriggs shore caught British record fish Sting Ray 78lb 6oz

aLairdtrigger.jpg (36051 bytes)    Ali Laird Trigger Fish 2lb 11oz

img_9804.png (509871 bytes)   John Avery and an Irish Mullet of 4lb 12oz     And a Devon Mullet of 4lb 7oz

kleggesmalleyed9-10.jpg (487828 bytes)    Kevin Legge Small Eyed 9lb 10oz MTaylorSmooth9-13.jpeg (56406 bytes) Michael Taylor Smoothound 9lb 13oz

Wayne Thomas Mullet 4lb 13oz


IMG_8619.jpg (379894 bytes)    Another November Mullet of 4lb 1oz to Wayne Thomas

PB230014.JPG (1866938 bytes)    A November Mullet to Graham Snow of 4lb 14oz

1237930_10151924226667533_978389331_n.jpg (18102 bytes)    An incredible Bass of 14lb caught by Dave Brooke


1378312_10153290045870284_1039916387_n.jpg (29508 bytes)    A very happy Charlie Stanway with his first Mullet

P7130465.JPG (2038977 bytes)    Graham Snow and a recent Mullet 923004_231012077057358_448670434_n.jpg (34663 bytes)    A Bass of 7lb and one of 10lb 2 1/2oz 1381582_526348674122082_710471827_n.jpg (26916 bytes)

733794_665037176848627_507017964_n.jpg (13164 bytes)    A happy Toby Benson with his Smoothound of 6lb 12oz


john6Ib8ozsept12.jpg (136693 bytes)        john7Ib8ozsept12.jpg (140307 bytes)       Jon Patten with Plaice of 6lb 8oz and 7lb 8oz

MattTope1.jpg (69405 bytes)    Matt Jeffery with his Tope of 22lb 7oz

A few Summer Triggers from Mike Taylor IMAG0071.jpg (2268634 bytes)    IMAG0072.jpg (2035814 bytes)     IMAG0073.jpg (1632692 bytes)

JBarrowBlue2.jpg (113453 bytes)    Jason Barrow and his Blue Shark of 121lb 8oz

    Guy Spriggs with his amazing Smoothound of 21lb 10 1/2oz

DSCF1756_-_Version_3.jpg (131834 bytes)    Wayne Thomas and his Bass of 9lb

    Alex McDonald ( our Sakuma rep ) with a recent Flounder of 3lb 12oz

    Kevin Legge with his New Years day Conger of 28lb 15oz IMG_6817.jpg (2222423 bytes) IMG_6815.jpg (3206697 bytes) And of 30lb 5oz

    Adrian Gove and a recent 4lb1oz Thick Lipped Mullet AdrianInAction.png (517687 bytes) And a big one from Lynmouth 

IMG_4819.JPG (97365 bytes)    All aboard Jay Jay out of Ilfracombe with plenty of Tope that day     IMG_4798.JPG (126706 bytes)    


Sometimes it's nice just to get out for a few rare hours. P7120073 - Copy.JPG (765872 bytes) and pick up a bass of 10lb 10oz, return it P7120081 - Copy.JPG (405836 bytes) and watch it glide away P7120085 - Copy.JPG (497719 bytes) .

Nick Phillips just been out plugging.

Following a recent boat trip up channel. A brace of thornback from Jon Patten and Jason Barrow A_brace_of_thornback_-_JasonBarrow_&_Jon_Patten.JPG (207402 bytes) . A Blonde from Chris White Chris_White_holds_up_abeautifully_marked_blonde.JPG (291259 bytes) and

Jason Barrow with a Spotted ray of 4lb 4oz Jason_Barrow_with_a_spotted_rayof_4lb_4oz.JPG (190964 bytes)

 434.jpg (188467 bytes) Micky Taylor with Small Eyed of 10lb 2oz, 436.jpg (200854 bytes) 9lb 13oz and 429.jpg (310290 bytes) 9lb 2oz

IMG_3771.jpg (41884 bytes)    Kevin Legge armed with Sakuma Mantras and Ammo Launce with a Small Eyed of 9lb from Minehead

IMG_1479.JPG (145959 bytes)    Richard Fishbourne and his 22lb  ( vingt-deux ) French Turbot

DBrookeHuss.JPG (156059 bytes)    Dave Brooke with his Bull Huss of 14lb 11oz.

Rick Blackmore with a new Club Record Spurdog of 13lb 13 1/2oz  

Jon Patten with his New Year Bull Huss of 15lb 3oz        

eel_008.JPG (257410 bytes)    John Avery with a Tope of 41lb 3oz


Image0107.jpg (247459 bytes)        Saturday night lift home on Sark

 Stefan in full flow     Adrian "adjusting" his reel   20100711 032.JPG (219994 bytes) 

Counting back 200 yards plus    20100711 033.JPG (203924 bytes)

Burning the burgers    Leader knot competition  20100711 029.JPG (272931 bytes)  Relaxing afternoon  20100711 031.JPG (254089 bytes)    

IMG_1101.JPG (172021 bytes)    Wayne Thomas and Paul Widlake with Totnes Mullet from our away day in June  IMG_1114.JPG (228402 bytes)

      Ash (11-8), Don (10-12) and Wayne (10-8) on a nice winters day after Spurs. 

    Evidence of global warming!!! with John's December Mullet of 4lb 12oz

IMG_8720.JPG (224576 bytes)    Paul Widlake with his recent 4lb 4oz Thick Lipped Mullet

        Derek Ferrett and Kevin Legge with Sole of 4lb and 2lb 15oz

            Jon Patten with Sole 2lb 10oz and Rockling of 2lb 6 3/4oz

tope440.jpg (118511 bytes)    Guy Spriggs with his cracking Tope of 44lb

IMG_9147.JPG (134227 bytes)    John Avery and a late October Mullet of 4lb 11oz

    Rick Blackmore with his sizzling super specimen Smoothhound of 16lb equaling 177.777777%

    Paul Widlake back with a nice 4lb 4oz Mullet

shark_aug08_032.jpg (132937 bytes)    shark_aug08_052.jpg (188575 bytes)    shark_aug08_057.jpg (94590 bytes)    shark_aug08_063.jpg (137833 bytes)    Wow.....Shark

eel_007.jpg (159074 bytes)    eel_011.jpg (167430 bytes)    Jack Welch with a cracking Eel of 24lb

tope422.JPG (88460 bytes)    Guy Spriggs with his Tope of 42lb 2oz

tope=july_042.jpg (115373 bytes) Jon Patten with his Tope of 39lb and 27lb    tope=july_044.jpg (167748 bytes)

    Wayne Thomas went fishing for 10 minutes and landed a cracking Mullet of 5lb 4oz from Lymington Harbour, Hampshire. Don't worry lads way out of our area.

IMG_8002.JPG (99467 bytes)    Ashley Clarke and a boat caught Tope of 38lb 8oz and an estimated 25lb IMG_7938.jpg (96816 bytes)

Also on the same trip a Tope of 34lb 12oz    IMG_7945.JPG (169437 bytes)

jon_rays_2_004.jpg (264653 bytes)    jon_rays_3_002.jpg (111356 bytes)    jon_rays_3_004.jpg (211134 bytes)    Jon Patten's recent May Ray Collection - see reports 

jon_rays_014.jpg (128891 bytes)    Jon Patten and his cracking 133% Blonde ray of 16lb 

IMG_7241.JPG (150205 bytes)    Wayne Thomas on the boat trip with a Small Eyed of 11lb 3oz

IMG_7232.JPG (169852 bytes)    And Mario and Jason with a brace of many Ray 

IMG_6885.JPG (164581 bytes)    Colin Joy and an excellent boat caught Spurdog of 12lb 12oz

Kevs_Photos_004.JPG (225685 bytes)    Kevin Legge and a new Club record Spurdog of 11lb 4oz caught during our January monthly

P1190002.JPG (109039 bytes)    John Avery and his January Bull Huss of 10lb 5 1/2oz

Kevs_Photos_003.jpg (168714 bytes)    Kevin Legge and a recent Bull Huss of 12lb 7oz

Kevs_Photos_011.JPG (122252 bytes)    Derek Ferrett and his cracking Conger of 32lb 12oz caught during our Festive Fish 2008

PIC_0080.JPG (146477 bytes)    PIC_0081.jpg (106346 bytes)    Donald Kyte and his December boat caught Cod of 18lb 3oz

IMG_6598.jpg (250044 bytes)    John Avery taking time out between Mullet sessions to bag Pike. This one of 13lb 7oz.

Jon Patten has some fantastic adventures abroad. Recently one to Mayaguana in the Bahamas where he landed a Nurse Shark of in excess of 150lb, three couldn't lift the fish. see for yourself.


Richard Fishboune has been at it again. The second picture is apparently an " alligator gar "  


    Pete Gregory with a Black Bream of 3lb 12oz, Wrasse 4lb 2oz and Bream of 3lb   

    Jon Patten with his November Tope of 37lb 10oz

Kevs_Photos_005.JPG (2006322 bytes)    Derek Ferrett with an Eel of 29lb 7oz from a local beach which was then returned.

IMG_5909.jpg (236133 bytes)    Wayne with his 4lb plus Mullet from the Lynmouth competition

Pete Gregory recently had a trip to Norway where he had some brilliant sport over several days. Here is a small selection.

    Halibut (Norwegian Flounder) of 70lb        Cod of 38lb 4oz and 40lb 8oz

Also a Blue Shark of 127lb        

    Kevin Legge and a recent Conger of19lb

12lb_13.5oz_Smoothie.JPG (118498 bytes)    Gary Andrews with another cracking Smoothhound of 12lb 13 1/2oz

CIMG0993.JPG (125721 bytes)    Gary Andrews had a good couple of trips up here in North Devon with this 13lb 11 1/2oz Bull Huss and

3lb 13oz Trigger.jpg (121501 bytes)    a Trigger Fish of 3lb 13oz.

tope294.jpg (74705 bytes)    Guy Spriggs with his recent Tope of 29lb 4oz

bond1.jpg (177031 bytes)    Russell Bond with recent Small Eyed Rays of 8lb 3oz and 7lb     bond2.jpg (187270 bytes)    

combemartinufo.jpg (255644 bytes)    A member caught illegally getting to a shore mark near Combe Martin (see Rule 24)

IMG_5150.jpg (154833 bytes)    John Avery with his cracking boat caught Starry Smoothhound of 20lb 9oz

IMG_5108.jpg (96475 bytes)    Probably a rock........IMG_5121.jpg (121459 bytes)    Where's the toast.......IMG_5131.jpg (114432 bytes)'s all fish....

IMG_3000.jpg (192777 bytes)    IMG_3006.jpg (183343 bytes)    Pete Gregory enjoying a day out of South Devon with a brace of cracking Pollack. One of which swallowed Pete's rod..

IMG_4565.jpg (156211 bytes)    With a patch in the sea fishing Wayne has been tempting Pike on the fly at Chew Valley, this fish 26lb 12oz.

guyana.jpg (177626 bytes)    Richard Fishbourne with his 9ft 400lb Arapaima.... ( sorry this is not the 400lb'er....picture to follow.... ed. )

otherwithteeth.jpg (154941 bytes)    ....the local whiting....

P6290069MA17106248-0001.JPG (349073 bytes)    Keep hold of it Wayne.................P6290039MA17106248-0002.JPG (246991 bytes)    .............whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............


P6230007.JPG (120015 bytes)    Rob Pearson with his Gilthead Bream of 4lb 7oz from Hayle. A new Club Record. 



DSC00020.jpg (113469 bytes)    A beautiful Tub Gurnard, caught, weighed, photographed and released

                                by Pete Pearson. ( Taken on a Sony Ericsson K750i phone ! )   

A small Sark Collection (Click here for more)

PA050069.JPG (74117 bytes)    Nick Phillips Grey Mullet of 4lb 13 1/2oz

PA060085.JPG (67770 bytes)    Wayne Thomas with a Black Bream of 4lb   

PA080005.JPG (46076 bytes)    Nick Phillips with a Black Bream of 2lb 12oz which most were

PA080006.JPG (49844 bytes)    Martin Turner with a 4lb plus Grey Mullet

PA020011.JPG (75607 bytes)    John Avery with his Conger of 32lb 12oz, one of several caught and released the same night

HPIM1098.JPG (68536 bytes)    Rob Pearson with a Mullet

HPIM1150.JPG (67808 bytes)    Best Mullet of 5lb 2oz to Wayne Thomas

sark 003.jpg (53113 bytes)    sark 021.jpg (98381 bytes)    sark 023.jpg (80268 bytes)    Conrad Lees with Black Bream, Mullet and Wrasse


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