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Today is the start of the 2021 Lure Fishing Competition sponsored by High Street Tackle.

All bass must be registered on Facebook with a photo and length in CMs. Wayne will also post progress on North Devon Angling News

Prizes are for longest bass.

1st - Tackle to the value of 200

2nd - Tackle to the value of 100

3rd - TBC Provided by CMSAC

We look forward to plenty of entries from club members. Note this competition with a high value prize is free to all paid up club members.

The competition closes on September 5th at 2.00pm. Prize to be awarded at Fun Fishing Event at 2.15pm.




As from this year we are now members of the Angling Trust. Therefore any fish entry into the Wyvern Division necessitates the filling out of a specimen fish entry form. These are available from the Wyvern Division website ( These must be completed and received by the Wyvern Fish Recorder by the 10th of the following month, with self stamped addressed envelope. These fish will be entered into the Wyvern Fish of the Month. Full details on their website.

Entries can be made into five different awards...

1. Wyvern Monthly Photo Competition for Seniors

2. Wyvern Monthly Photo Competition for Juniors

3. Wyvern Fish of the Month

4. Wyvern Record Fish

5. Angling Trust Specimen Award

6. British Record Fish

We have also entered into the Castle Trophy Competition run by the Wyvern Division. All details about all aspects of the Wyvern Division can be found on their comprehensive website.

I must emphasize that the responsibility of form filling relies on the angler. All fish entered into the club specimen competitions remain the same.



AGM Report November 27th 2020

The Annual General Meeting was held online this year. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer had put their reports and balance sheets up on Facebook the night before and were available for all members to view.

Whilst it has been a difficult year, fish entries and specimens were strong and we had only made a 41 loss over the previous year. 

The awards were then read out.

The officers and committee would stay the same with the exception of Jamie Stewart joining the committee members.

We would keep the specimen league running with six best shore species and also introduce a boat specimen league running along side it, but with the best four species.

We will introduce a calculation for shark using the formulae. We will introduce a trophy for the best Gilthead Bream from shore or boat.

Two slight amendments to specimen sizes will be introducing, Red Mullet, shore 1lb 4oz and boat 1lb 8oz. Also dogfish specimen size will move to 3lb 8oz on both boat and shore.

May I take the opportunity to remind members that I need cups and trophies back as soon as possible.

Discussion also took place about the engraving of trophies and the rising cost.

We will still continue with Juniors and club records, but it was debated whether we continue to pay 200 a year for our engraving costs. We will put this whole debate to our membership under separate cover in the near future. 

We are now members of the Angling Trust and also the Wyvern Division. Specimen entries will continue but form filling will become a way of life again, we will produce guidance under separate cover, but keep specimens coming in.

We discussed the transfer of money to the club for competition entries and of course subscriptions which are now due. We have been able to set-up a PayPal Account, the email being through 'Friends and Family'. This can be used along with BACS as before. 

For 2021 we will be running monthly competitions starting December, to run for the month. 5 per member and meeting up at Ilfracombe Pier on the first Sunday of the following month for results and payout. The results will be monitored on our Facebook page throughout the month. At the moment we see this running through and including April.


Reports and balance sheets are available to view on Facebook.

Trophy Winners 2019/2020

Cod Trophy           

Bass Trophy    Kevin Legge - bass 9lb 15oz     

Mullet Cup       Dan Spearman - Thin 4lb 15oz       

Conger Cup      James Gubb Fradgley -   36lb 

Flatfish Cup      David Jenkins - Flounder 1lb 14oz    

Shore Shield      Jamie Steward tope  47lb 13oz    

Medway Cup   John Shapland blonde ray 19lb 14oz       

Ray Shield       John Shapland - blonde ray     19lb 14oz  

Specimen League -   James Gubb - Fradgley 

James Gubb Fradgley

thick lipped grey mullet

5lb 1oz



James Gubb Fragley





James Gubb Fradgley

ballan wrasse

5lb 15oz



James Gubb Fradgley


1lb 8oz



James Gubb Fradgley


3lb 12oz



James Gubb Fradgley

bull huss

12lb 2oz




Burgess Trophy     Effie Welch Thick Lipped grey mullet - 2lb 9oz

Wrasse Trophy    James Gubb Fradgley 5lb 15oz  

Scouse Shield       Jamie Steward rockling 1lb 9oz

D Kyte Award     

Dan Spearman

thin lip 

4lb 13oz



Dan Spearman

thin lipped grey mullet

4lb 15oz



Dan Spearman

thin lipped grey mullet

4lb 15oz



Dan Spearman

thin lipped grey mullet

4lb 10oz



Dan Spearman

thin lipped grey mullet

4lb 7oz



Dan Spearman

thick lipped grey mullet

4lb 1oz





Out Of Limits      Dan Spearman blonde ray 17lb 5oz   

Merit Award  -    Dan Spearman for his stunning cacthes of thin lipped grey mullet during 2020 plus his 

specimen catches of other species.    

Thornback Cup       

Club Records 

James Gubb Fradgley Boat ballan Wrasse 5lb 15oz

Jack Phillips Boat Thick Lipped grey mullet 3lb 15oz

Mark Jones Boat - porbeagle shark 172lb 

Ross Stanway Boat rockling 1lb 7oz

James Gubb Fradgley dogfish -3lb 12oz

Ali Laird Spurdog Shore 14lb 6oz 


Fish of the Season - 2020


David Jenkins        Spurdog        13lb 9oz        135.625%


Kevin Legge             Bull huss        13lb 10.5oz    136.562%


James Gubb Fradgley        Ballan Wrasse       5lb 15oz        131.944%


Jamie Steward        Tope        47lb 13oz        159.28%


Each of the above wins a 25 Tackle Voucher to be used at High Street Tackle, 








Updated information on Facebook Page




With that time of year approaching fast why not get the other half to have a look at our Merchandise page which is quite up to date and email me with your order. 

Feel free to browse our website or more up to date information on our Facebook page.

Wayne has now stepped up a notch and created a interactive website encompassing all disciplines of angling in North Devon. An extension of his Journal column and above blog all rolled into one. A must for your bookmark ! Plus all your Combe Martin Sea Angling Club news.

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New Specimen Size Lists are now available to download.

We are always after up to date images for our website, these can be emailed to me or Wayne.

                Kevinleggetope66lb.jpg (158722 bytes)    Kevin Legge's Tope of 66lb.......and 66lb 8oz

I have at long last been able to get hold of Specimen Weight Percentage Tables which are invaluable to all anglers. Contact me for a copy. Priced at 7.00. Bargain.!

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[ Just added British Rod Caught Record List to download in Specimen Form section on left ]

What if you catch a British Record Fish.... go here.. for advice from the Angling Trust.


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