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Our Annual General Meeting took place on Friday December 1st at The Cricket Club, Braunton at 7.00pm. A really good attendance with several new faces. Just a couple of changes to note, Spurdog specimen shore up to 10lb and boat up to 15lb. Ballan Wrasse changes from 5lb down to 4lb 8oz from boat and shore. Some of our competition meeting places will now be Cook's Island, Mullacott so keep an eye on our calendar which will be out soon. Also a note for your diaries is Saturday March 10th our Presentation Night at The Ebrington Arms, Knowle.

Trophy winners for 2016/2017 are:

Cod Trophy            Matt Jeffery          Cod              18lb 4oz

Bass Trophy           Dan Spearman          Bass             11lb 

Mullet Cup             Graham Snow          Thick Lip     5lb 5oz 

Conger Cup             Ross Stanway          Conger        30lb 3oz 

Flatfish Cup           John Shapland          Flounder      1lb 14 1/2oz 

Shore Shield          Dan Miles-Redmore Spurdog          13lb 4oz 

Medway Cup           Rob Scoines                  Conger        38lb 

Ray Shield             Guy Spriggs                  Blonde          16lb 

Specimen League          Ross Stanway                           717.875%

                             Dan Spearman                         681.719% 

Burgess Trophy          Ollie Laird            Small Eyed  11lb 10oz 

Wrasse Trophy          Ross Stanway          Ballan           4lb 14oz 

Scouse Shield Rob Scoines                  Rockling      1lb 6oz 

D Kyte Award          Graham Snow                            642.88% 

Merit Award                    John Shapland / Dan Welch 

Out Of Limits Louis Rooke           Blonde Ray    28lb 

Thornback Shield Kevin Legge           Thornback   10lb 8oz 

Club Records 

J Stanway              Haddock      Boat             2lb 7oz


Our Fun Fish on Ilfracombe Pier was again a great success with 20 anglers, mostly juniors taking part. Charlie Stanway took first place with a total of 18 points, second Solly Welch with 17 points and third place to Jack Phillips with 16points. A slight change to the system where 2 points were awarded for the first species and then 1 point for the second of the same species. This helped prevent ties as with previous years. Main prizes went down to 8 places and many thanks to High Street Tackle, Ilfracombe for their support. Also thanks to Matt Maunder ( Devon & Severn IFCA ), Colin Wood and David Harper ( coastguards ) who were available throughout the morning to chat with the many members of the public on the pier. Pictures @ North Devon Angling News.

Our species competition has come to an end and our winner John Shapland amassed an incredible 43 species, but also as good was the runner up Daniel Welch who registered 41 species. Well done to both of you, I know that you both put in an amazing amount of hard work and time for your rewards. Good show to Ross Stanway with 25 species. Many thanks to High Street Tackle for your support. Their will be a fallow year with the next event taking place 2019.


Our Putsborough Competition was again a great success. With 58 anglers fishing the beach on an almost perfect night. Many thanks to Mr Rob Tucker of Putsborough Sands, Sakuma, High Street Tackle, Ilfracombe, Veals MO and to Kevin Legge for donated prizes. See North Devon Angling News for the full story and pictures.

1st Matt Druce blonde ray -11lb 41/4oz

2nd -Dale Kiff small eyed ray 7lb 14oz

3rd Gareth Pike- dogfish 2lb 5oz

4th Garry Andrews small eyed ray 7lb 1/2oz

5th Matt Druce small eyed ray 6lb 151/2oz

6th Dan Welch small eyed ray 6lb 15oz

7th Dan Redmore small eyed ray 6lb 12oz

8th Colin Emery dogfish 2lb

9th Lee Holden dogfish 1lb 15oz

10th Gareth Pike dogfish 1lb 14oz

Nick Smith dogfish 1lb 14oz

Ben Putman dogfish 1lb 14oz

11th Ross Stanway small eyed ray 6lb 21/2oz

12th Ben Putman small eyed ray 6lb 10z

Colin Tanton small eyed ray 6lb 1oz

Best Brace  -Matt Druce Blonde Ray 11lb 41/2oz & small eyed ray 6lb 151/2oz Total = 163.4%


We have now held our Presentation Night and slide show at @ One, Braunton and a really enjoyable night was had by all. Food again was fantastic, so thank you to the new owners, Helen and Aimee and also to their chef. Seeing that they has only been in the business for a few days it went really well. Thanks to all those who donated raffle prizes and again to Craig at Braunton Baits. Thanks to those who purchased the raffle tickets, we raised 83 for club funds. Thanks to Wayne for his slide show of his past year and we know what effort goes into getting it together and James for carrying all that gear. Snowy for his help in getting the trophies engraved and scrubbed up for the night. And of course to all those members and guests who did attend on the night and made it the night it was. Thoughts for next year please.

Please note that our 2017 Calendar has now gone out to all members, but is now available to download from our site.


Our Annual General Meeting was held on December 2nd at The Cricket Club and was attended by 14 members. Officers and committee remain the same as do subscriptions. Several discussions took place but only one, which was more of a clarification than a rule change, was the rule (26a) requiring a need to witness fish by new members under 12 months membership, after this time can register fish on a catch and release basis. Reports came from the officers reporting an increase in membership and subscriptions meaning a very healthy Club. All committee and officers were thanked for their hard work and everyone enjoyed sausage and chips.

Trophy Winners 2015/16 


Cod Trophy        Stuart Taylor           Cod           9lb 14oz 

Bass Trophy        Liam Stevens             Bass         15lb 8oz 

Mullet Cup         Dan Spearman          Thin         4lb 15oz 

Conger Cup        Michael Taylor         Conger     28lb 3oz 

Flatfish Cup   John Shapland           Flounder   1lb 14oz 

Shore Shield        Liam Stevens             Bass         15lb 8oz 

Medway Cup   Craig McCloughlin        Spurdog   18lb 4oz 

Ray Shield         Dan Spearman          Blonde      17lb 1oz 

Specimen League        Dan Spearman          808.050%

                                Kevin Legge                629.636%

Burgess Trophy    Ollie Laird         Spurdog    10lb 2oz

Out Of Limits         

Wrasse Trophy        Dan Spearman          Corkwing  9oz 

Scouse Shield        Ross Stanway            Rockling    1lb 13 1/2oz 

D Kyte Award        Graham Snow           5 Mullet        

Merit Award        Dan Spearman 

Club Records

Dan Spearman        Corkwing Wrasse        9oz        (s)        112.500%

Rob Scoines        Haddock                   1lb 14oz (s) 187.500%

Craig McCloughlin        Spurdog           18lb 4oz (b) 130.357%


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