CMSAC Club Merchandise

A brand new range of hoodies, polo's and T shirts are now available in any size, any colour and in any style. With a large vinyl logo on the rear and with a smaller logo on the N/S chest. A good quality range sourced locally from T-minus Apparel in Braunton.

Stock wise I am currently holding the following stock, but any order will only take a short time with no minimum required. Costs are hoodies from 22, sweatshirts 18, polo shirts 14.50, long sleeve T's 13 and T shirts 12.

Current stock

Hoodies    XXL    Black    2    Royal    2    Red    2

                XL    Black    1

                  L    Black    2

Polo's        XL    Black    1    Royal    2

WSF Fleeced Hats

A very warm, one size fits all. In two colours, Blue, 3 left and in Red 2 left. 5.00

Ammos Peaked Caps

1 Blue and 1 Red left in stock. 5.00


The Bristol Channel Federation of Sea Anglers 2018 handbook available now, a must have for all anglers. Only 1.

Cloth Badges

Our infamous red and white sew on cloth badge incorporating the Club logo in the full 9cm diameter badge. Only 1.

Windscreen Stickers

Identify your vehicle with these red and white 9cm diameter windscreen sticker for only 50p.

Specimen Weight Percentage Tables

A handy book used by all Club officials to calculate specimen sizes from 8oz up to 60lb. Now available to all anglers at a bargain 5.00.