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Combe Martin Sea Angling Club Calendar 2018



March 2nd- 4th      End Of Winter Rover. Meet up Cook Island 6.30pm.


March 4th               Committee Meeting. Cook Island.


March 10th              Presentation Night & Slideshow.

                              The Ebrington Arms, Knowle.


April 8th                 Committee Meeting. Cook Island 6.30pm.


April 13th- 15th          Spring Rover. Meet up at The Rising Sun, Lynmouth.


May 12th                 Putsborough Open. Fishing 9.30pm to 1.30am.

                             Book in from 8.00pm.Weigh in 2.00am.


May 27th                Boat Trip Minehead


June 29th- July 1st          Summer Rover. Meet up Cook Island 6.30pm.


July 1st                  Committee Meeting. Cook Island.


July 1st to Sept 1st          Lure Fishing Event for Club Members.

                             Free Entry and Sponsored by High Street Tackle,   

                             Ilfracombe. Many prizes for best Bass and other species. Lures are any artificial bait only.


Sept 1st or 2nd          Fun Fishing Event @ Ilfracombe Pier.


Sept 21st- 23rd          Lyn Fish Open. £10 Entry for this charity event.

                             Limits Hartland to Minehead. Meet up at The Rising Sun, Lynmouth 7.00pm.


Nov 9th- 11th           Autumn Rover. Meet up Cook Island 6.30pm


November 11th          Committee Meeting. Cook Island.



November 30th          Annual General Meeting. Venue TBA.


Dec 14th- 16th          Xmas Competition. Meet up Cooks Island 6.30pm.

                             Free Entry. Bring a prize, wrapped worth minimum £5.

                             Raffle and further prizes.


Dec 27th- 30th          Blow Away The Excess. Meet up Cooks Island 6.30pm.


Dec 28th                Boat Trip Minehead



All competition entry fees £5, all fishing from Friday 6.00pm till Sunday

6.00pm. Committee Meetings at Cook Island, Mullacott at 6.30pm. Most

coincide with competitions.


Our monthly FOM competitions are still running with the winner of each month with the best specimen fish winning £25. So all you have to do is register your fish with the fish recorder with a chance of winning. New members require witnesses to any fish.


CMSAC promote catch and release in all competitions.

Follow the Clubs’ Facebook page for spur of the moment trips and events.

Contact Boat Secretary for Boat bookings.

See www.cmsac.co.uk for full rules and specimen ratings.

Calendar subject to change.

All members should check up to date CMSAC rules from the website.







Follow our Facebook page for “spur of the moment” trips and events

As always Terms & Conditions apply…. Things can change….

See www.cmsac.co.uk for changes and/or rules.       


All fishing now catch and release, conditions apply, see Rules for greater detail. All specimen weights and minimum sizes are to our size list. Minimum 70% specimen rating relates to all retained fish for competition and specimen entries. Boat and shore specimen sizes differ. 

See our website for more general details relating to certain events throughout the year closer to the event date. Please book early to avoid disappointment. The Calendar is subject to change where deemed necessary. 

Please endeavour to attend monthly meetings at The Braunton Cricket Club as these are also social events for members to meet.