An Anglers Code


Always  :              Observe local by-laws

                                        Ask permission before crossing private property

                                        Backfill holes when bait digging

                                        Replace all rocks and stones to their original position, as seaweed and shellfish soon dry up and die

                                        Handle undersize fish with a damp cloth and return quickly to the water

                                        When fishing from a pier or high rocks always return fish gently to the water

                                        Respect others rights to use the beach and take special care when casting

                                        Report any pollution or illegal netting, fishing, etc




Never   :                  Dig around moorings, slipways or seawalls

                                        Take crabs in 'berry'

                                        Take more than you need, help to safeguard future stocks of bait and fish

                                        Disturb nesting birds - always heed exclusion areas

                                        Fish alone in remote spots and always let someone know where you have gone and when returning




Beware  :               Of crumbling cliffs, soft mud and quicksand

                                        Of rising tides and give yourself plenty of time to reach safety, especially on springs




And Please Please Please -  Always take all your litter home