About the club

The Combe Martin Sea Angling Club was formed at the Merry Maker's Cafe, Combe Martin, in 1962. Whilst over the years has never really developed into a large Club, it has always had a hardcore of dedicated anglers who have contributed to the Club in their own  individual way. Be it a member who is so enthusiastic for the sport, members who are not really into competition fishing and members who put time and effort into administration necessary to run any organization. Over the years all personal aspects have contributed to a Club well known throughout the south west for it's solid and reliable longevity.

The Club now holds it's meetings and weigh-ins at The Cricket Club, Braunton. A reflection on it's broad based membership. 

Competitions are held every month throughout the year. The Club also organises occasional outings, both shore and boat. Also holds a Presentation Night in February which is very well received and normally a slide show is put together at our AGM. A newsletter is distributed to members two or three times a year with a "news brief" following the Club's AGM. E-newsletters are now also mailed to members only. These are then available to download with all manner of specimen and minimum size lists, rules, calendar, etc. 

It's own website has and continues to be a very popular medium, with pages of member pictures, information about marks around the coast and a whole range of early articles spread around the site. The website is kept very much up to date on an ongoing basis. Facebook has become a dominant feature of the club so a lot of information is based around this. So look us up.


                                       Or catching another British Shore Record