The Sark Files

Sark 2009

sark_2009_028.jpg (227144 bytes)    Mario Manley and his Mullet of 5lb 10 1/2oz

dscf0019.jpg (220732 bytes)    img_9009.jpg (216685 bytes)    IMG_9022.JPG (239383 bytes)    IMG_8967.JPG (166518 bytes)    IMG_8953.JPG (206518 bytes)    

Sark 2008

Members have now returned from another successful trip with excellent weather. Many Mullet up to nearly 5lb and Black Bream over 3lb. A small taster with many more images to follow.

IMG_6149.JPG (143673 bytes)    Warm lazy afternoon on Sark

IMG_6145.JPG (123770 bytes)    A Gorilla balancing a peanut on his nose !!!!!!...on Sark ??

IMG_6219.JPG (143361 bytes)    Mario Manley with a nice Mullet

IMG_6128.JPG (170484 bytes)    Wayne with a fine looking Black Bream

PA160010.JPG (1702627 bytes)    Members outside La Petite Poule Bistro

IMG_6247.JPG (3975893 bytes)    The Sark Invasion

IMG_6141.JPG (3158788 bytes)    Jason with a Black Bream of 3lb 2oz and a Mullet of 4lb 12oz    IMG_6216.JPG (4208444 bytes)    

Sark 2007


Members have returned from which has proved to be another successful trip to Sark. Whilst the Black Bream were not in the normal numbers around the island several Mullet 5lb plus were taken and returned. A small collection of images are below, no doubt more will follow.


PA280001.JPG (150907 bytes)    Rob Pearson and an early Mullet of 3lb 6oz

PA290004.JPG (238524 bytes)    Nick Phillips with another Mullet of 3lb 6oz

PA300008.JPG (246282 bytes)    Getting slightly bigger with a Mullet of 3lb 14oz

PA300010.JPG (248073 bytes)    Personal best Mullet of 6lb 8oz for Nick, also the best Mullet of the week

PA300015.JPG (265099 bytes)    One of many Black Bream, this one at 2lb 12oz......

IMG_3538.JPG (168068 bytes)    ....and Wayne with this one of 3lb 8oz.

IMG_3563.JPG (117191 bytes)    John with a Mullet....

IMG_3571.JPG (171552 bytes)    ....and Wayne with another.

IMG_3580.JPG (130061 bytes)    Mullet even from the the tide.

IMG_3597.JPG (104179 bytes)    ....producing cracking Mullet of nearly 5 pound.

IMG_3598.JPG (121125 bytes)    ....and another.

IMG_3600.JPG (126971 bytes)    ....sssshhhh....the secret Mullet bait.

IMG_3637.JPG (260083 bytes)    IMG_3638.JPG (276550 bytes)    IMG_3688.JPG (194907 bytes)    On yer bikes....

IMG_3657.JPG (267164 bytes)    A Black Bream in the net....

IMG_3660.JPG (151454 bytes)    ....and Mario with the Bream just before returning.

IMG_3663.JPG (110084 bytes)    John with another 4lb plus Mullet

IMG_3665.JPG (162547 bytes)    " me rock."

IMG_3674.JPG (84760 bytes)    Rob on Sark trying to get away from Dogfish

IMG_3682.JPG (158244 bytes)    John with a Mullet    ......and in the net.    IMG_3683.JPG (212841 bytes)

IMG_3690.JPG (190295 bytes)    Kevin, Wayne, Adrian, John, Mario, Adrian, Rob and Nick waiting to leave the island


Sark October 2006

PA020016.JPG (672355 bytes)    Mr Thomas with a fine brace of Black Bream

PA140001.JPG (933341 bytes)    First Mullet of the week for Nick a fish of 3lb 8oz

PA160008.JPG (883526 bytes)    Conrad's Mullet of 3lb

PA160011.JPG (878498 bytes)    Whoops......

PA160012.JPG (869044 bytes)    Rob Pearson's Black Bream of......

Sark oct06 016.jpg (3402736 bytes)    John with a early fine Mullet

Sark oct06 015.jpg (3484891 bytes)    Whoops......

PA140002.JPG (896794 bytes)    Black Bream 2lb 7oz

PA170013.JPG (900427 bytes)    Conrad's fish of the week......

PA170014.JPG (892524 bytes)    ...... a fine specimen Mullet of 4lb 14oz a personal best and a cracking good fish

PA190011.JPG (363732 bytes)    An Eel of 21lb 4oz for Conrad from Maseline Harbour

PA180008.JPG (78547 bytes)    and another 30lb something Eel for Wayne

PA190013.JPG (720160 bytes)    and a Bull Huss of 5lb from Rob

Sark oct06 001.jpg (3401408 bytes)    A selection of fish......

Sark oct06 004.jpg (3926822 bytes)

Sark oct06 005.jpg (3588848 bytes)

Sark oct06 006.jpg (3739054 bytes)

Sark oct06 013.jpg (107314 bytes)    

Sark oct06 007.jpg (3643489 bytes)

PA180021.JPG (894889 bytes)    taking it easy

Sark oct06 019.jpg (6007268 bytes)    The Rope Mark never looks any easier......

Sark oct06 033.jpg (3490702 bytes)   Judging by the smile the Mullet of 5lb 5oz 

Sark oct06 046.jpg (3702011 bytes)   ......or was it this one

Sark oct06 052.jpg (3376183 bytes)    And a Black Bream of 4lb 1oz

Sark oct06 055.jpg (3143405 bytes)    another small collection......

Sark oct06 056.jpg (3202734 bytes)

Sark oct06 060.jpg (3143743 bytes)

Sark oct06 018.jpg (104861 bytes)    Always calm, warm late afternoons

Sark oct06 071.jpg (3503279 bytes)    Unfortunately the journey home

Sark oct06 074.jpg (3693447 bytes)    One last glimpse of the Maseline Harbour


Sark 2005   


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PA010006.JPG (715582 bytes)        The Only Way To Travel, Conrad & Rob outside Avenue Cycles

PA020012.JPG (703293 bytes)        Wayne Thomas with a Grey Mullet of 3lb 4oz from Hogsback

PA020013.JPG (688314 bytes)        John Avery with a Grey Mullet,

PA020014.JPG (684043 bytes)        Wayne Thomas with a Black Bream,

PA020016.JPG (672355 bytes)        Wayne Thomas with a fine brace of Black Bream, all from Hogsback

PA040055.JPG (591289 bytes)        Mullet feeding from Rope Mark

PA040057.JPG (691504 bytes)        John Avery with a Black Bream from Rope Mark

PA040061.JPG (696291 bytes)        Nick Phillips with a Grey Mullet of 3lb 8oz from Rope Mark

PA050069.JPG (700560 bytes)        and now with a Grey Mullet of 4lb 13 1/2oz from Havre Gosselin

PA050071.JPG (688129 bytes)        John Avery Grey Mullet from Havre Gosselin

PA060085.JPG (699679 bytes)        Wayne Thomas with a 4lb Black Bream from the same mark

PA060087.JPG (82167 bytes)        ....still fighting........ 

PA080005.JPG (686158 bytes)        Black Bream of 2lb 12oz from Eperquerie

PA080006.JPG (659057 bytes)        Martin Turner with a 4lb plus Grey Mullet at Eperquerie

PA020008.JPG (725619 bytes)        Michael Squires prior to returning the 28lb Conger caught between Old & New Harbours

PA020011.JPG (461883 bytes)        John Avery's Conger of 32lb 12oz also returned shortly after

PA060023.JPG (743908 bytes)        Another fine specimen, Black Bream of 2lb 12oz from Eperquerie

HPIM1098.JPG (68536 bytes)        Rob with another Mullet from the Ropemark

HPIM1107.JPG (96391 bytes)        The only real hazard on bikes, apart from 300 foot cliffs, was gorse scratches 

                         on the elbows !!

HPIM1117.JPG (96625 bytes)        Martin Turner with a fine Mullet to the LHS of Havre Gosselin

HPIM1116.JPG (104601 bytes)        Black Bream from the same mark

HPIM1150.JPG (67808 bytes)        Wayne with the best Mullet of the week, 5lb 2oz from Eperquerie

sark 003.jpg (53113 bytes)        Conrad with Black Bream which even feed at night

sark 015.jpg (161100 bytes)        Working our way down the Ropemark, but it's worth it

sark 021.jpg (98381 bytes)        Conrad with one of his first Mullet

sark 023.jpg (80268 bytes)        ......and Wrasse

HPIM1080.JPG (105763 bytes)        Accommodation was excellent at The Bel Air Inn Chalets, if a bit overgrown

PA070024.JPG (83148 bytes)        ...newer bungalows were available.....

PA010001.JPG (142384 bytes)        ...and only a few yards from the Bel Air Inn.....

                         Pollack and Black Bream

PA080035.JPG (85283 bytes)        Very deep water from La Maseline Jetty

PA080034.JPG (108479 bytes)        and also the older Creux Harbour

PA070104.JPG (69320 bytes)        And don't forget Michael Squires Snr, had the time of his life

PA080015.JPG (68823 bytes)        ....and bought the T-shirt